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Our IoT Products

IOT Products

Phyzika System Architecture

Phyzika designs IoT products that communicate with each other and report to the Cloud for instant monitoring anywhere in the world. 

Custom Product Designs

Phyzika will work with you to establish your product requirements, design the electronics and enclosures, write the firmware and software, build prototypes, pass regulatory compliance (FCC, uL, etc.), and manufacture the end products domestically or overseas. Contact Us for more information.

Phyzika has worked with Previous clients to design and build:

  • Passive Keyless Entry System for large-scale vehicles like Tractors, Recreational Vehicles, and Buses
  • End-to-end wireless sensor system for indoor agriculture (915Mhz, Wi-Fi)
  • GPS and Cellular tracking devices for Parachute and Bicycles
  • Mission Control System for aircraft (control cameras, lights, screens, gimbals).
  • Wi-Fi Adapter applied to existing wired Data Center temperature-monitoring
  • Wireless Keypad controller for controlling access to Secure Areas
  • Cellular phone for use in advertising and promotions
  • “Smart” mouse trap that notifies the user when it has been activated

Customizable devices

Phyzika can leverage our existing designs to quickly create custom devices based on your performance requirements. Enclosures, functionality, size, color, speed, and programming can all be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact Us for more information.


Phyzika Wireless Gateway


Phyzika Wireless Sensors

WBRepeaterV1 v5.png

Phyzika Signal Repeater

KeyPadEnclosure V1 v2.png

Phyzika Capacitive Touchpad