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IOT Design Services

Do you have an idea for an internet-connected device or need to upgrade a product to be IoT aware? The Internet of Things revolution isn't coming, it's here and Phyzika is ready to help! Phyzika's engineers are experts in IoT transformations, Product Design and Manufacturing. Our engineers will design and build your products from scratch or we can modify what you already have.  We can partner with your software and/or industrial design teams or we can provide these services internally. The team at Phyzika is here to help you turn your ideas into reality!

Project Portfolio

  • Passive Key-less Entry System for large-scale vehicles like Tractors/Combines, Recreational Vehicles, and Buses
  • End-to-end wireless sensor system for indoor agriculture (915Mhz, Wi-Fi)
  • GPS and Cellular tracking devices for locating Parachutes and Bicycles
  • Mission Control System for aircraft (control cameras, lights, screens, gimbals)
  • Wi-Fi Adapter applied to existing wired Data Center temperature-monitoring systems
  • Wireless Keypad controller for controlling access to Secure Areas and Containers
  • Cellular phone for use in advertising and promotions
  • “Smart” mouse trap that notifies the user when it has been activated