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Bring Your Tech Ideas to Life... Without a Tech Background - Upwork Blog

Do you have a brilliant tech idea but no tech knowledge to execute it? You are in good company ⎯ several tech firms, including Squidoo, Yammer and Meebo, were started by founders that didn't major in computer science or talk PHP code in their sleep. If you are one of those lucky few who has conceived the answer to a tech problem and is entrepreneurial enough to envision a business based on that idea, then this post is for you ⎯ here is how to take your tech idea from a daydream to a successfully executed startup.

Source: Bring Your Tech Ideas to Life... Without a Tech Background - Upwork Blog

About Phyzika Technologies, Inc.

Phyzika is a design consulting firm specializing in embedded, connected devices. Our designs integrate sensor systems with RF communications; providing data flow from the monitoring point to the cloud where the data can be analyzed, notifications sent, and any other appropriate actions can be taken.

Phyzika has experience with sub-GHz RF, Wi-Fi, and Cellular radios. Our gateway designs incorporate multiple radios to translate a power efficient RF communication to Cellular or Wi-Fi for connectivity to other systems.

Phyzika works well with internal product teams as well as outside consultants to meet client process needs while developing a product. Phyzika also has industrial and mechanical engineering partners that can be utilized to complement the product development beyond electronics hardware and software.

Passive Keyless Entry System

The Phyzika Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) System was developed for off-road vehicles, construction equipment, large trucks, and RVs. This was a product development project for a client where Phyzika acted as an extension to the client’s core team. The full product development cycle was employed starting with requirements collection and developing the system through prototypes, testing, certification and developing the end-of-line testing and programming for production. The system consisted of an electronics control unit which provides the system-control function. A key FOB and a capacitive-touch handle were also designed and developed as part of the system. Like the PKE systems for automobiles, it operates by capacitively detecting the placement of a hand in the door handle, then sending RF messages to the FOB to authenticate the use and grant access to the vehicle. All of the components were developed by Phyzika.

The major components of the system are the proximity sensor in the handle, the 125kHz and 433MHz communications between the FOB, the control unit that interacts with the vehicle, and the relays that operate the door locks.

This system has been FCC certified and has passed the client’s environmental testing for temperature, humidity, dust, ice, and other conditions.

The first production run was late 2016 with production continuing through 2017.

Phyzika IoT Product Strengths

We have a broad connectivity offering, including 915MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz to Wi-Fi or Cellular gateway.  We can also offer Bluetooth since the Wi-Fi module we use offers any combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.  We have a back up battery in our gateway to send a notification when primary power is lost and that can last over 12 hours (depending on how much data is sent over the cell interface).  The cellular option can work in both North America and the EU. We can offer a core end-to-end solution but will customize the data presentation layers to fit the application needs.  The data collection, communications, cloud storage and processing can all be the same ‘under the hood’.  This should allow companies who don't have experience with developing or IoT and/or companies that don't want or have the resources to take on the full end-to-end development. We are also flexible and will allow those who have their cloud software already in place to use the hardware.  Many companies will only sell the end-to-end solution and not allow otherwise.

Our sensor platform can easily be modified to incorporate other sensors.  This allows us to reuse the majority of the FCC for each new sensor.  The radio portion can be reused, but the added sensor means all that is required is the RSE part of FCC (spurious emissions).