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Passive Keyless Entry System

The Phyzika Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) System was developed for off-road vehicles, construction equipment, large trucks, and RVs. This was a product development project for a client where Phyzika acted as an extension to the client’s core team. The full product development cycle was employed starting with requirements collection and developing the system through prototypes, testing, certification and developing the end-of-line testing and programming for production. The system consisted of an electronics control unit which provides the system-control function. A key FOB and a capacitive-touch handle were also designed and developed as part of the system. Like the PKE systems for automobiles, it operates by capacitively detecting the placement of a hand in the door handle, then sending RF messages to the FOB to authenticate the use and grant access to the vehicle. All of the components were developed by Phyzika.

The major components of the system are the proximity sensor in the handle, the 125kHz and 433MHz communications between the FOB, the control unit that interacts with the vehicle, and the relays that operate the door locks.

This system has been FCC certified and has passed the client’s environmental testing for temperature, humidity, dust, ice, and other conditions.

The first production run was late 2016 with production continuing through 2017.