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We have a broad connectivity offering, including 915MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz to Wi-Fi or Cellular gateway.  We can also offer Bluetooth since the Wi-Fi module we use offers any combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.  We have a back up battery in our gateway to send a notification when primary power is lost and that can last over 12 hours (depending on how much data is sent over the cell interface).  The cellular option can work in both North America and the EU. We can offer a core end-to-end solution but will customize the data presentation layers to fit the application needs.  The data collection, communications, cloud storage and processing can all be the same ‘under the hood’.  This should allow companies who don't have experience with developing or IoT and/or companies that don't want or have the resources to take on the full end-to-end development. We are also flexible and will allow those who have their cloud software already in place to use the hardware.  Many companies will only sell the end-to-end solution and not allow otherwise.

Our sensor platform can easily be modified to incorporate other sensors.  This allows us to reuse the majority of the FCC for each new sensor.  The radio portion can be reused, but the added sensor means all that is required is the RSE part of FCC (spurious emissions).

Todd Keaffaber